SER launches Information Portal for Employees with CONTENS

Montag, 18. Oktober 2004

SER LogoSER, a well-known integrated Enterprise Content Management (iECM) manufacturer, has relaunched its Intranet based on CONTENS. The central information portal mySER provides employees with business-relevant information and helpful services, which simplify communication and networking. When choosing CONTENS, the direct integration with SER-specific archiving, workflow and knowledge management solutions was especially convincing.

The new CONTENS-based SER Intranet offers above everything else current, complete and accurate information, thereby considerably supporting employees with their daily tasks. "The integration of the SER solutions with the electronic archive has especially helped us realise 'just-in-time' access to all of our information for our knowledge management team," explains Manfred Zerwas, leading associate at SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH, regarding the benefits of the new Intranet.

The home page especially offers a quick overview of all the current information and news that was published since the last login. Intranet content can be viewed in a structured fashion using the navigation and sitemap but can conversely be displayed in an unstructured manner using SER’s integrated intelligent associative full text search. The latter enables access to information by describing the content, without having to use exact search words or requiring the existence of the information to be generally well-known.

All of the branches and home offices in the German-speaking world are now connected to the firm-wide Intranet. It's comprised of nine target groups directed specifically at the various organisational branches and partners. Content can be allocated to each group just with a mouse click, thanks to the target group functionality integrated into CONTENS.

CONTENS has enjoyed a high level of acceptance at SER due to its simple and intuitive usability. Within a few minutes, already-existing content can be updated and/or created on a new page without any trouble at all. This lets editors see the appropriate content at any time, thereby considerably simplifying their work.

The open interface and simple upgradability in CONTENS lets developers create and integrate personal applications in no time. "Thanks to Macromedia ColdFusion MX and CONTENS’ remarkable integration capabilities, which we've simply linked into our CMS, we've created some considerable benefits for our employees," explained a pleased Daniel Böhmer, technical project leader at SER, when asked about implementing CONTENS.

About SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH

SER is the largest independent systems vendor and manufacturer for integrated Enterprise Content Management (iECM) in Germany. With that, the name SER stands for more than just electronic archiving and document/workflow management.

The DOXiS iECM brand constitutes all of SER's solutions and services. Clear benefits result from the deeply-rooted integration process, where each solution profits from the next. The SER portfolio offers according to requirements the prospects for growth up to a holistic integrated Enterprise Content Management.

From management and distribution comprehension to security and storage DOXiS iECM fulfills the companywide tasks and needs to professional manage all information, processes and knowledge. That, together with 20 years of competence and experience at SER, makes the DOXiS iECM Suite. That’s how SER manages to accomplishes multifaceted, standardised solutions, from which more than 500 middle-sized and large companies across Europe profit – half of the DAX 30 companies belong to that list. SER received leading marks from the committee at the renowned BARC research institute and was evaluated in June and July 2004 as front-runner of the entire competition.

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About CONTENS Software GmbH

CONTENS Software GmbH provides Content Management Software (CMS) for companies with sophisticated online communication needs. Its line of products meets the demands of businesses from small online editors to international firms.

A strong network of experienced partners conceives innovative and customised CONTENS solutions and implements them according to individual demands. With the help of the CONTENS platform independent CMS products businesses can quickly realise and edit extensive online projects without any prior programming knowledge.

Among the well-known businesses that use CONTENS Content Management products are Concordia Insurance Group, Credit Suisse, Davidoff, Discovery Channel, Eurocard, GlobeGround Servisair, Hapimag, HypoVereinsbank BKK, John Deere, Max-Planck, MVV Energie AG, Peri, ratiopharm, T-Mobile and Schwyzer Kantonalbank.

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