The Fantastic 4 – CONTENS 4.0 at CeBIT 2011

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

CONTENS 4.0A completely redesigned interface, a global search à la Spotlight, a revised form generator, and an extensively upgraded API – these are just a few of the highlights of CONTENS 4.0 which will be premiered at CeBIT 2011.

CONTENS Software GmbH will introduce the newest version of their proven Content Management System CONTENS at CeBIT 2011 (Hannover, Germany, March 1st through 5th) (hall 6, stand J16). CONTENS 4.0 contains a variety of innovations and improvements that simplify the work of editors and administrators.

New Interface for Simplest Use and Highest Performance

The most prominent innovation of CONTENS 4.0 is the completely redesigned user interface. The clean interface design includes a number of simplifications such as drag & drop for objects, as well as the ability to arrange site pages via drag & drop.

For editing, content objects are simply opened via double-click. The content then appears in dialogues, and no longer in browser windows. With the integrated inline editor, content can even be directly edited on the website and without dialogue. Furthermore, modern JavaScript components, redesigned AJAX applications, and the use of jQuery and jQuery UI provide for an even better performance in the browser.

Global Search of All Content

The new global search of CONTENS 4.0 also provides noticeable improvements. All content, such as articles, news, images, documents, pages, editors, groups, etc. now can be centrally searched. As known from modern searches, the search results appear in a clearly arranged, grouped list. Via individual search agents external data pools such as product databases can now also be in integrated into the global search.

Generator Now Works with Static Forms

The form generator was completely revised for CONTENS 4.0. By means of the CONTENS form generator intuitive user interfaces for administering content of external databases are easily designed and quickly generated. This accelerates the creation of web applications as well as later updates. All applicable form elements are available as jQuery UI widgets, which makes content maintenance considerably more convenient. Another new feature is that, in the future, static forms can also be created with the form generator in CONTENS 4.0.

Updated API with New Functions

The Application Programming Interface (API) has also been subject to extensive enhancements for CONTENS 4.0. It now allows the use of central CONTENS functions from other applications. The currently available functions include creating, saving, updating, moving, deleting, previewing, and publishing content objects and pages. By means of the API, external content can, for example, be "automagically" created as new objects and published on a new page. Processing efforts can thus be reduced considerably, especially when it comes to high-traffic websites.

Find Out More: The Fantastic 4

CONTENS 4.0 – also called "The fantastic 4" –can be seen for the first time at CeBIT 2011. CONTENS invites all interested parties and journalists to stop by for a visit at the stand J16 in hall 6. You can make appointments and order visitor tickets (while supplies last) at the following website:

About CONTENS Software GmbH

CONTENS Software GmbH provides content management software (CMS) and social software solutions for companies with sophisticated online communication needs.

Its line of products meets the demands of businesses from small online editors to international companies. With the help of CONTENS' platform-independent CMS products and social software solutions, businesses can realize even extensive online projects within a very short amount of time and without any prior programming knowledge being required.

Several well-known companies rely on the content management products provided by CONTENS, such as Adecco, Böllhoff, Brose, Concordia Insurance Group, Eli Lilly, the HVB BKK, John Deere, the cantons of Aargau and Freiburg, the Max Planck Society, McDonald's Deutschland Inc., manager lounge, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, the Oettinger Imex AG, Ratiopharm, RTL interactive, Schwyzer Kantonalbank, Siemens mobility, the City of Biel, T-Mobile und UniCredit Direct Services.

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