Orbit-iEX 2006 in Zurich: CONTENS presents efficient Content Management solutions with its partners

Dienstag, 11. April 2006

Orbit 2006CONTENS Software, contractor of efficient Content Management software presents sophisticated solutions at the Orbit-iEX 2006 (Zurich, May 16th – 19th), which makes the Content Management of medium-sized businesses faster and more cost efficient. CONTENS presents the integration with the Java Content Repository after JSR-170, with the IBM WebSphere Portal Server, as well as with the Translation Memory by across, for the first time in Switzerland.

During the Orbit-iEX 2006 in Zurich from May 16th - May 19th, CONTENS presents flexible and reliable Content Management solutions for modern and efficient online communication with all relevant audiences. Together with its partners Chili Solutions, Infoteam SA, Partekk trade corporation and PARX, CONTENS displays modern and powerful CMS solutions for medium-sized and large businesses, as well as public institutions. Furthermore, the exhibiting partners will present their wide range of services.

Consistent data filing: Java Content Repository after JSR-170

The fast access and easy reuse of consisting content is a fundamental criteria to a modern Content Management system and brings many CMS tools into a problematic position. The integration of the Java Content Repository with CONTENS permits a uniform filing of all data according to the JSR-170 definition: The defined standard of the JSR-170 Java Content Repository specifies the uniform API for the access of the Content Repositories. As a consequence, the exchange of content in a single CONTENS installation or the reuse or future access through external applications is facilitated to high extend. The storage of the Java Content Repository offers a faster, easier and standardized access to business relevant content.

CONTENS front end and WebSphere back-end

Many businesses depend on IBM’s WebSphere Portal Server (WPS) for their front-end integration of application systems and business tasks. For the first time in Switzerland, CONTENS shows in the framework of integration, how advantageous it is to combine amenities of a web-based CMS with the versatile possibilities of IBM’s WPS. Thereby an easy CMS-handling as well as the user-friendly surfaces of CONTENS meet up with a powerful administration of application systems and high performance maintenance of content from IBM. The WPS site structure, for instance, can be completely administrated through CONTENS. Additionally, WPS portlets placed on a site can be directly integrated into CONTENS and can immediately display CMS content in a WebSphere portal.

Professional translation processes and a wide-ranging technical base

For professional translation support, CONTENS presents for the first time connectivity with Translation Memory of across. Across' software offers CONTENS editors help when translating by making standardized terms and company phrases available to them from a central database. By integrating Translation Memory, localizing a Website can be completed a lot quicker and more efficiently. On top of that, Translation Memory ensures that terms, which continually recur, are always translated the same way. Translators are offered a standardized work environment for all document types, including Office documents and Web content.

Railo and MySQL5 Support

For price-conscious customers, CONTENS will offer support for Railo and MySQL5 at the CeBIT. Railo is the high-performance, low-cost ColdFusion engine and is the alternative to power CONTENS. Developers and agencies that have avoided ColdFusion for budget reasons now have the Railo application server, which fulfills every wish regarding stability, development efficiency and execution speed. With support of the widespread open source database MySQL5, CONTENS now offers, next to MSSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 and PostGreSQL, a total of five database systems that can be used to operate the CMS. As before, all databases that can be connected with JDBC can be used for connectivity to external applications.

Partekk Handels AG - CONTENS' Swiss Distributor

Partekk Handels AG is a specialized distributing company for products and services in the field of Internet software. Their portfolio includes products for applications in the business field of content and document management, eLearning, multimedia and security. The company is the CONTENS representative in Switzerland and positions itself as the liaison between the manufacturer, Swiss customers and integration partners.

Chili Solutions GmbH

Chili Solutions, a leading firm in the field of Internet Technology, was grounded in 1997 and has its head quarters in Zurich. As a full-service agency with a focus on software development, Chili offers broad range of services from design and programming consultation to marketing strategies and solution servicing. In the last few years, Chili has successfully handled complex Web, Intranet and extranet projects for customers in various industries and of varying size.

About Infoteam SA

Infoteam SA specializes in software integration, software development and especially in technical Web services. The company has years of experience with Web services and CMS and supports customers from the conceptual design to a timely realization. Infoteam SA advises customers on online projects for businesses and institutions such as the Canton of Freiburg (subcontractor of New Impact AG, responsible for project coordination and project leadership), Groupe GECO and the Canton of Wadt (civil protection).


One of the biggest challenges facing businesses and non-profit organizations today is effectively and efficiently escalating productivity and fostering cooperation between employees. PARX devotes itself to improving collaboration between people and organizations; the four key areas are always kept in mind: CRM (customers), BPM (processes), ECM (knowledge) and HCM (employees).

About CONTENS Software GmbH

CONTENS Software GmbH provides Content Management Software (CMS) for companies with sophisticated online communication needs. Its line of products meets the demands of businesses from small online editors to international firms.

A strong network of experienced partners conceives innovative and customized CONTENS solutions and implements them according to individual demands. With the help of the CONTENS platform-independent CMS products businesses can quickly realize and edit extensive online projects without any prior programming knowledge.

Among the well-known businesses that use CONTENS Content Management products are Brose, Bundesverband digitale Wirtschaft BVDW (Association for a Digital Economy), Concordia Insurance Group, Davidoff Group, Eli Lilly, Hapimag, HypoVereinsbank BKK, John Deere, the Swiss cantons of Aargau, Freiburg and Solothurn, Max-Planck Institutes, MVV Energie AG, Peri, Ratiopharm, Schwyzer Kantonalbank, Siemens TS, the City of Biel and T-Mobile.

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