Swiss utility IBC decided in favor of CONTENS

Montag, 6. November 2006

IBC Chur ScreenshotThe Swiss supply company IBC Energy Water Chur has launched its website using the content management platform CONTENS. The CONTENS partner New Impact AG from Bern headed the design and realization of the project.

IBC Energy Water Chur is the largest energy and water supply company in the Swiss region Chur. The employees operate in order to supply the city Chur as well as the surrounding municipalities day and night with electricity, natural gas, drinking water and services.

With regards to the modernized redesign of the representation of IBC and its solutions in the Internet, the responsible persons decided in favor of the CONTENS CMS. The IT experts were convinced above all by the high performance content management functions as well as its simple adaptability to individual requirements.

The CONTENS partner New Impact AG from Bern took over the design of the project and realized within short time an appealing and very functional new online presence for IBC.