Relaunching with CONTENS: Biotest AG in a new outfit

Montag, 15. Januar 2007

Biotest ScreenshotWith its new comprehensively modernized web appearance on basis of the content management platform CONTENS, Biotest AG now demonstrates its top position in biotechnology also online. Visitors of the bilingual web appearance profit from the clearly arranged structure and focused navigation, medical expert groups find specialized information about Biotest products within a closed area. The CONTENS Professional Services took over the redesign and technical realization of the website.

Biotest AG starts the new year with a completely redesigned and fundamentally modernized online offer. The enterprise specialized in the diagnosis and therapy of haematologic and immunological diseases demonstrates thereby also in online communication its top position among biotechnology enterprises.

The new website makes it much easier for the visitors to access the desired content by a focused navigation and a clear page structure. The four main navigation areas are concisely arranged and simple to recognize. The path navigation ("bread crumb") gives the user a quick and precise overview, where he is located. Clearly structured entrance pages provide an immediate overview, on which detail pages the user can expect to find certain content. Those detail pages contain a clearly emphasized detail page navigation as well as related links and downloads, in each case consistent to the appropriate content. Biotest also offers a closed area with further content to medical expert groups.

Among the advantages of the generous layout of the redesigned website count the easy and fast access to desired information. A product finder on the homepage takes the users immediately after the selection to that respective page: with only one click you reach your target page. The plain design and the clean look of the web appearance, dominated by the color white, reflects the purity and the precision necessary in the development and production of plasma products.

As technological basis of the relaunch served again the content management platform CONTENS, on which the enterprise already operates its corporate website and the intranet for years. The decision in favor of CONTENS was reached in a multi-level selective procedure, in which CONTENS Professional Services could stand up to well-known competitors.

About Biotest AG

Biotest AG, Dreieich/Germany, is a global pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotherapeutics company specializing in innovative haematology and immunology products. The division pharmacy develops pharmaceutical products on basis of human blood plasma like immunglobulins, coagulating factors and albumins which are used on disorders of the immune system or the haematinic systems. Furthermore, one of Biotest' highest priority research projects is the development of monoclonal antibodies, which will open up new prospects in the treatment of rheumatism, leukaemia and other autoimmune diseases. The division diagnostics covers reagents and systems of the serology and microbiology, which are used for example with blood transfusions. Biotest employs worldwide approx. 1,1000 employees. The stocks of Biotest AG are listed in the Prime Standard.

About CONTENS Software GmbH

CONTENS Software GmbH provides Content Management Software (CMS) for companies with sophisticated online communication needs. Its line of products meets the demands of businesses from small online editors to international companies.

A strong network of experienced partners conceives innovative and customized CONTENS solutions and implements them according to individual demands. With the help of the CONTENS platform-independent CMS products businesses can quickly realize and edit extensive online projects without any prior programming knowledge.

Among the well-known businesses that use CONTENS Content Management products are Brose, Concordia Insurance Group, Eli Lilly, HypoVereinsbank BKK, John Deere, the Swiss cantons of Aargau, Freiburg and Solothurn, Max-Planck Institutes, MVV Energie AG, Oettinger Imex Group ("Davidoff" etc.), Ratiopharm, Schwyzer Kantonalbank, Siemens TS, the City of Biel and T-Mobile.

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