CeBIT 2007: CONTENS presents new functions for intelligent content management

Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2007

CeBIT 2007 StandThe content management specialist CONTENS software from Munich exhibits at the CeBIT 2007 (hall 3, stand C56) interesting news for intelligent content management: web control measuring performance, Single-Sign-On for editors and Drag&Drop for content. Additionally, with CONTENS relate the enterprise presents for the first time a solution for the efficient development of social network and user generated content portals.

Together with its partners Across and Solution24, CONTENS, the content management specialist from Munich, exhibits at the CeBIT 2007 (Hanover, 15th–21st March) numerous new functions for the intelligent and efficient administration of online content.

Integrated performance control: web control module with Flex

With the help of a new web control module CONTENS substantially facilitates the current performance control of online offers. Editorial staff receive valuable details about particularly successful and less attractive content and can thereby continuously improve its offer. Information about the number of visitors, visiting times, browser information, marketing information (like referrer, search machine) and demographic data (like country and language of the visitors) make well directed adjustments according to the expectations of the visitors possible. The intelligent processing of data ensures meaningful charts with high information content, which were realized with Adobe Flex.

Making it easier for editors: Single-Sign-On and Drag&Drop

By the use of the newly implemented Single-Sign-On function, CONTENS makes the work of the editors still more comfortable: instead of always having to login with name and password, CONTENS automatically recognizes all authorized editors. After an alignment with an existing Active Directory, CONTENS logs in these editors automatically with their respective right and role profile.

Further simplifying the editorial work within CONTENS, the newly implemented Drag&Drop function provides easy and fast positioning of content. By simply using the mouse within the list view in CONTENS the content of a page is movable to other places. Intelligent functions ensure that the placing of content is possible in those places only, in which the particular class is permitted and where the maximum number of allowed objects is not exceeded. Thereby, the corporate design is ensured.

Extension of active locations

Active locations permit the automatic and rule-based output of content in defined places of a template. A new extension in CONTENS makes it possible to release or lock content specifically for the use in active locations. That way, content can be displayed in active locations, which do not have to be editorially integrated on the pages. The automatic filling of active locations with content facilitates the editorial process and saves much time.

CONTENS relate: the first social network solution

CONTENS presents at the CeBIT 2007 for the first time CONTENS relate. The new solution enables the efficient development of online social network portals and user generated content portals. Integrated basis features such as the user profile administration, friend-of-a-friend visualization, messaging, media upload and sharing, content tagging as well as the sophisticated safety mechanisms are easily adaptable to arbitrary projects and guarantee a clearly faster realization than past special programming. Enterprises use social software ever more frequently for customer loyalty or internally in the knowledge management.

Due to its many already integrated and easy to configure basic features, the CONTENS' software essentially accelerates the start of a new platform operating a social network. A main feature is the powerful user profile administration for collecting and administrating sensitive member data. The display of that data to other users depends on the defined degree of access which can be selected from variable levels.

Simple and extended search functions make it easy to find contacts within a network. With the help of a friend-of-a-friend visualization following the "Six Degrees of Separation" principle, relations with other members can be clearly represented. Integrated messaging functions enable users to send and receive messages without having to reveal their own e-mail addresses. With CONTENS relate messages can be answered, forwarded and administered in folders.

Social networks offer to enterprises a new and very attractive tool to effectively strengthen customer loyalty and to set up new business segments. Committed members present themselves and their relation to certain topics or products in the form of pictures, texts, etc. The friend-of-a-friend visualization can offer a valuable assistance to other users evaluating the content.

Social networks in combination with user-generated contents can be excellently used also within enterprises. Thus, for example, a knowledge portal can be built in a simple manner, in which all world-wide coworkers of an enterprise or an organization take part and which clearly depicts the collected knowledge.

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About CONTENS Software GmbH

CONTENS Software GmbH provides Content Management Software (CMS) for companies with sophisticated online communication needs. Its line of products meets the demands of businesses from small online editors to international companies.

A strong network of experienced partners conceives innovative and customized CONTENS solutions and implements them according to individual demands. With the help of the CONTENS platform-independent CMS products businesses can quickly realize and edit extensive online projects without any prior programming knowledge.

Among the well-known businesses that use CONTENS Content Management products are Brose, Concordia Insurance Group, Eli Lilly, HypoVereinsbank BKK, John Deere, the Swiss cantons of Aargau, Freiburg and Solothurn, Max-Planck Institutes, MVV Energie AG, Oettinger Imex Group ("Davidoff" etc.), Ratiopharm, Schwyzer Kantonalbank, Siemens TS, the City of Biel and T-Mobile.

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