28.05. - CFUG Event mit Terry Ryan und Ben Nadel

Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Am 28.05. findet ab 17:30 Uhr das nächste CFUG-Meeting statt, welches dieses mal bei Adobe in München stattfindet. Adobe's Platform Evangelist Terry Ryan wird dabei eine Session zum Thema Advanced ORM halten: "No basics, no 5 minute demos of "what ORM is." We start beyond basic mappings and relationships to tackle the more exotic ways of mapping databases to ORM objects. We'll also explore the underpinning of ORM in ColdFusion."

Ben Nadel wird eine Session mit dem Thema "Mastering the ColdFusion Application Framework" halten: "When most people hear the term, "Framework," they think about products like ColdBox, Model-Glue, Mach-ii, and FW/1. What most people generally don't think about is the robust and powerful framework that comes already packaged with ColdFusion. The Application.cfc component is an event-driven front-controller that affords the programmer extremely granular control over all aspects of the application lifecycle, from the macro events down to per-user-request application and session overrides. "

Chris Schmitz, der den Event mit Unterstützung von Claude Englebert organisiert hat, bittet wie immer um Vorab-Anmeldung.